Spirits Lit

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The duo Spirits Lit, consisting of Heen and Merse, moves skillfully in the world of hip hop with influences from jazz and soul. While Merse provides the beats, Heen completes the lyrics and together they create tracks with impressive depth. The music is finely crafted and the verses reflect personal experiences. Although their musical journey together has only just begun, Heen and Merse are no newcomers to the music business. Thanks to their many years of experience as musicians and producers, Merse has an almost endless repertoire of creative ideas and Heen has the ability to captivate everyone with his voice. His relaxed charisma translates into impressive rap parts that blend seamlessly with his colleague's precise beats.

What's new

Sprits Lit are two creative minds. They started their musical journey with "Daddy Issues" as their debut EP. The tracks inspire self-reflection and harbor irresistible groove and flow. Two personalities who never stop questioning the way they perceive life and relationships. Although the words might suggest an introverted perspective, the delivery on "Daddy Issues" is bold and resounding.

Vulnerable verses, soulful hooks and a rollercoaster of emotions lead us to a glimmer of hope on the horizon.