Sebastian Scheipers

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About Baf

I am an award-winning guitarist, composer and producer, based in Berlin, Germany. My musical roots and foundation derive from an early classical education paired with a big admiration for jazz. It was my involvement with my first band Jazzattack which kept me motivated and practicing, and eventually studying and becoming a professional musician.

For almost 20 Years as a guitarist I founded, played and toured with bands and acts such as Pegasus, Levin, [bih’tnik], and Otto Normal, the two latter of which together with my long-time partner-in-crime Pete.

I have always been fascinated by the means and possibilities of creating sounds and music with original instruments and their further continuation and development through effect processors as well as electronic and digital gear.

What's new

The partnership of K├Ânig + Scheipers is like a sonorous orchestra driven by their shared love of hip-hop and first-class beats. Their exciting project "Poly Lover" fuses lush, infectious grooves with thoughtful drum sounds and soaring harmonies, accompanied by velvety bass lines. Their music moves smoothly between the worlds of lofi and charged instrumentals, showcasing craftsmanship and lovingly crafted production elements to create a relaxed listening experience.