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SaturnVybz, also known as Merse, is a musician and producer. He has been tinkering with beats since 2007, the beginning of his musical journey. In 2013, he started his collaboration with the company Loudly and had loops for Music Maker Jam on the agenda. Two years later he ventured into founding Slick Walk with DJ Robert Smith, which led to limited editions and even cassettes. Artists such as Clara Hill, Meral Al-Mer and Coladera have already enjoyed SaturnVybz's productions to the fullest.
As musical director of the Jazzanova Band, he also co-arranged and co-produced "The Sound of Detroit Strata Records".

What's new

SaturnVybz releases instrumental music that is reflected in beats, ambient minimalism and electro-infused compositions. His latest project is called SPIRITS LIT and was created in collaboration with Heen Martens. They started their musical journey with "Daddy Issues" as their debut EP. The tracks inspire self-reflection and harbor irresistible groove and flow.