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About Portmanteau

Electronics and drums, Christian Taison Heiß and Greulix Schrank, that is the artist duo Portmanteau from Munich! Theater, film music and audiovisual installations characterize their artistic creative phases, sample-based electrobeats determine their direction. The new focus? Pop music! The duo forms the interface between pop, art and science: a new pop culture, so to speak, but with content! The center emerges from the artistic process, as they show in their project Portmanteau-Labs: Old things are collected, a new context is given to it, other content is created and finally the result is something absolutely new - sample art. With these influences, the music project Portmanteau has existed since 2001 and will continue to prove its experimental character in the future!

What's new?

"Imitating Reality", that means sound machines, light installations and here and there a bird chirping. The duo constructs sounds that, as the name suggests, imitate our reality. They build the necessary machines themselves and if you look closely enough you can find a fork or the mechanics of a piano.