Otto Normal

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About Otto Normal

Founded in Freiburg, released three albums, four EP's and countless singles and for over 10 years it is impossible to imagine the music scene without them: The indie-pop band is back and with them the urge for their own way of absolute creative expression.
Otto Normal is eager to experiment, is fond of detail and has a penchant for interwoven and organic sounds. The four guys from Berlin and Cologne have played hundreds of shows in clubs and on festivals and even if the line-up got a new polish every now and then, the band's message remained the same: laugh, cry, fly and fall together. But the story remains history, because now everything will be new!

What's new?

Don't worry, Otto Normal takes care of all the Future Shit. They are resurrected and herald a new era with their new album! With thirteen songs the band symbolizes the pressure within society - some tracks ride the shock wave, others throttle the insane pace out there. "Future Shit" is an attempt to leave behind what you thought you had to be. Pure creativity without thinking means letting all emotions run free and that is absolute FUTURE SHIT!