Moritz Jahn

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About Moritz

The Hamburg-born actor and filmmaker is used to being in front of the camera. He not only lives out his creative life as part of series like the Netflix production DARK or the BBC series SAS: ROGUE HEROES, but since 2018 also as the head of his own band: Moritz Jahn.

Instead of embodying someone else's script, Moritz now writes his own story and gives his life a soundtrack. With his guitar in his luggage, he takes a piece of home to every place and comes back with new song sketches. Somewhere between folk and indie pop he processes longing, the mood of departure and the striving for a good life in his music and does not shy away from showing vulnerability. His multi-arranged pieces not only evoke great feelings, but also give us the opportunity to transfer our own stories to the melodic template, while his music videos resemble an artistic installation.

What's new?

His debut album "Soliloquy" embodies exactly that: a soliloquy about the most personal thoughts and stories. Alongside privilege, role models and love, Moritz boldly explores the cohesion of our society and critically questions the way we treat each other. For his thoughts and demands, distorted vocal samples and smooth guitars form the warm soundbed between intimacy and opulent grandeur.