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About Chabezo

After more than 20 years in the cosmos of music, there is now Chabezo solo! Rapper, singer and freestyle MC Peter Stöcklin sets new standards in hip-hop with his artist alias Chabezo. But even before his solo trip, the creative mind had no rest: whether in the hip-hop formation [bih'tnik] or with his indie-pop band Otto Normal, the musician in him has never been able to sit still!

His demand on himself is high: Authentic and with a penchant for perfection, every detail must be right. The rapper combines political statements with emotions and classic representer tracks.... Under the slogan #rapgoescomic "Frankenstoner" visualizes Chabezo's comic character from the depths of the hip-hop world and thus completes the artistic concept of the musician.

What's new?

The rapper splits his hero's journey through the Chabezo universe into seven concept EPs. Thematically different, they all have one message: music needs depth!
Intimate, sad and autobiographical or rather emotional, loving and positive? Chabezo rides the whole roller coaster of emotions in EP's like Nebelleben or Engelszungen. His two upcoming EP's Draussenseiter and Ich und mein Team will be critical, political and social, but also deal with cohesion, friendships and the feeling of belonging. There is something for every emotional state!