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About Boxitos

Boxitos make music for everyone and especially with everyone! Self-realization, equality and not taking life too seriously are the principles of the band! They tell their stories in their songs and show intimate insights into their very personal world. Encounters are to be created, developments and new paths emerge through artistic collaborations and all this with a lot of fun! The band is supposed to be a safe space for teenagers and young adults: Expressing thoughts, setting worries to music, processing fears and celebrating the joy of life! Boxitos is a break from everyday life, a break for monotony and a party for life!

Whats new?

La vida loca is the name of the game for the Boxitos! Together with the rapper Pyro, the band is working on songs for their upcoming EP. Performing the project is implemented with the dance group of Tanzwerk Dreiländereck. The sound is youthful and fresh, perfect for summer and any relaxed car ride!

Featured Releases